Ideas and Inspiration

When creating my little space on the internet, it was important that – in addition to sharing myself – I could help equip you with some tools you might need to ready yourself for any opportunity that comes along. Part of this is helping us broaden our perspectives, so we can see all the possibilities when they make themselves known.

Throughout my life, the more I let scripture shape my heart, the more broadly I can see the fullness of life’s circumstances. The goal then is a never-ending pursuit of a wider perspective that more closely resembles God’s point-of-view. So, I created this space to share, but also to listen. I hope these thoughts and letters – full of my ideas, dreams, fears and aspirations – will help you feel inspired to express your own in some way, whether it’s through a comment, email, handwritten letter, or a conversation with a friend.

I invite you to explore some of my recent thought-pieces below. I hope you’ll stick around and even come back for more. I’ll be adding to this page as the inspiration hits!

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Warming Our Hearts with Kindness

“If we play our cards right,” says Bob Goff “No one will ever know about some of the most loving things we’ve ever done.” When we treat others with love and kindness it warms even the coldest of hearts. It chisels and chips away at barriers that tend to isolate us within polarizing world views. And when we intentionally show …
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“I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” – The Problem With “Fauxpologies”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” A simple phrase, one I’m sure we’ve all heard before, that says more than the words themselves do. I received this response from someone I care about after being honest about why I was hurt, and the phrase indicated to me that they thought I was excessively sensitive for taking offense. When it comes to situations like these, it …
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Communicating Through Prayer

Prayer is not a normal part of the life of natural men. It becomes a desire when one is filled with the Spirit, and begins to understand prayer as a form of communion and communication. It is an act of humility, a petition to the one and only God of the universe because we believe He is Our Creator, Our Provider, Our …
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The “New Girl”

By the time I finished elementary school, my family had moved five times to six different states. I went to college in an environment with only three high school classmates, none of whom were part of my primary support network. By the time Kevin retired from playing baseball, I had sat in the stands with 10 different Major League teams, …
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