Window seat with pillows, candle, and mug

Communicating Through Prayer

Window seat with pillows, candle, and mug

Prayer is not a normal part of the life of natural men. It becomes a desire when one is filled with the Spirit, and begins to understand prayer as a form of communion and communication. It is an act of humility, a petition to the one and only God of the universe because we believe He is Our Creator, Our Provider, Our Sustainer, Our Deliverer, Our Healer, Our Defender, Our Judge, Our Hope. It is a submission of authority because He is the one and only Source of Life and every provision we need. Prayer is surrendering our will for God’s will and yielding our lack of understanding to His perfect ways. And, the beauty of it is, our hearts change in the process. What a gift! 

Having children, many of us know how easy it is to just want to be the good guy. We don’t want to cause heartache and disappointment when rules need to be enforced, and lessons need to be taught. We’re far from perfect, and nothing reminds me of that more than when I realize the utter heart-wrenching sacrifice Our Perfect Father made when He sent His Only Son to pay the price for our sin. How difficult it must also be for Him to: 

  • Let the consequences of our sin play out. 
  • Be rejected and explained away by cultural relevance and worldly expressions. 
  • Know He loves us first, best and always, yet there are so many who will never give their lives to Him.

As difficult as it is for us, how much more infinitely difficult it must be for a loving Father to know He is the answer to our problems in the midst of tragedy and incomprehensible circumstances. He’s big enough to live up to His perfect plan. 

Laws are not the answer. They don’t stop depravity. We see this beginning in the Old Testament and lasting through today. What we need is for each individual heart to be changed by accepting the love of the Father who created us. 

It’s so encouraging to hear people say, “Oh, God!” in the moment of utter disbelief or heartbreak. It’s reflexive because we were created with a need for Him. It’s interesting to hear people want to pray in the void of not knowing what else to do, but tragic because of the kinds of circumstances that are necessary to reach that point.  

If you have any of these reactions when you try to comprehend the chaos of our world, you are so close to taking the next step. Acknowledge that you don’t know all the answers. Acknowledge that you’ve come to the end of your understanding, but you know there’s more. Acknowledge that there’s nothing you need to do to earn the Love that’s waiting for you. I promise there’s a Savior waiting to meet you right where you are. 

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