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The “New Girl”

Begin Coffee Mug

By the time I finished elementary school, my family had moved five times to six different states. I went to college in an environment with only three high school classmates, none of whom were part of my primary support network. By the time Kevin retired from playing baseball, I had sat in the stands with 10 different Major League teams, a few minor league teams and a team in Japan.

Always the “new girl,” I was (sometimes painfully) aware of how hard it can be to crack the code of friendship, and begin building relationships that ultimately form community. As an introvert, the necessary energy to find situations to engage sometimes eluded me; but as Joshua 1:9 reminds us, “the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

As an adult, I see it as part of my life’s mission to be inclusive. My perspective, while embracing lively groups, boisterous celebrations and tribal-like alignment, is always considering the overlooked and those who might be standing on the sidelines.

I know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. I know what it takes to invite yourself to the conversation. I understand the longing for just one person to catch your eye and nod you over to the group. And, in His infinite wisdom, God has given little ol’ me the opportunity of a lifetime to invite others to share in every ounce of everything that I experience for myself … financial reward; deep, meaningful friendships born solely from a business relationship; personal growth and refinement; the ability to make new choices; flexibility with my time … the list goes on.

My skincare business is in the business of breaking through barriers. Barriers in markets they’ve previously been hindered from entering. Barriers in innovation that no one else has solved. Barriers in mindset and belief. And, in the process of THEIR overcoming barriers, everyone involved gets to experience the power of the breakthrough.

As someone who accepted a random invitation from a stranger to start my business, someone who intentionally, instinctively and IMMEDIATELY put myself “in the game,” and someone who is ever-scanning the sidelines for others to encourage into the fun, I’m telling you now:

  • “It’s not too late.”
  • “The best IS yet to come.”
  • “The skincare is life-changing, but you can’t possibly understand how until you try it and/or share it.”
  • “You will have so much community and support.”
  • “If you are curious, skeptical, hesitant or flat-out scared, please take my hand and let me be your new business friend.”

Don’t let this round pass you by. My heart is longing to include you. My mind believes my same success is possible for you. My team, as always, has a perfectly YOU-sized hole just waiting. All you need to do is whisper one three-letter word, and everything changes.

Are you ready to connect?