Image showing a card saying surrender.

Surrender Makes You Stronger

Image showing a card saying surrender.

Surrendering myself to sales professionals is something I had to learn to do. 

Out of necessity one day, years ago, I walked into a familiar shop with only an hour before I had to be back on-site to finish my daughter’s dance carpool. I needed clothes for a weekend trip, and that was the ONLY time I had to spare. The sales lady greeted me and asked if I needed help, and for the first time in my life, I LET someone shop for me. I said, I have 53 minutes. I need black pants, some cute tops, a lightweight jacket and maybe some accessories. She asked my size, took mental notes of my shape, asked a few lifestyle questions and sent me to the dressing room to wait for her. Within minutes, she had pulled options for me to try. From there, she honed in on my personal style and perfect fit, and with a few trips around the store using her expert eye, she had me styled, checked out and on the road in record time. I'll never forget it. If you could have heard us laughing in the dressing room, you’d never forget it either. 

Since then, I’ve had to remind myself to give in, to trust that someone knows better, has my best interests at heart and wants to serve my needs. As a result, I now have a few special connections at some of my favorite retailers, and we’ve built relationships over time. They know things about my kids. I can say "Kevin" instead of “my husband.” I’ve even sent my daughter to one shop owner without me and said, “Let her help. She’s good at what she does."  

I can walk in unannounced, make an appointment, or in some cases even call or text about an upcoming event, and these people spring into action on my behalf. Theyve taught me their insider tips, including when new inventory will be arriving and how certain sales work. Theyve given me early access on occasion, and they’ve bent a couple of return rules on my behalf. THAT’S service. Service I wouldn’t have received had I not allowed myself to become part of the process. Service I wouldn’t have received had I not shared my needs and been vulnerable with my insecurities.  

If a salesperson is good at their job and has your best interest at heart ... if they CARE ... let them work for you. It’s what they do.    

If you’re looking for someone who believes her customers are more than just consumers of products ... if you’re looking to be seen, heard and cared for, then I know a girl who is really good at selling skincare. Let me know when you’re ready to become stronger. We can do it together.