Wild and precious download.

Inside Baseball

Wild and precious download.

My company is about to enter a new era in business development, and I’ve been pretty nostalgic lately thinking back through all the memories and milestones along the way. As a result, I was inspired to share with you something I usually don’t stop to tell everyone … a little “inside baseball” if you will—a peek behind the curtain to see the inner workings usually reserved for experts and insiders.

Though lives are not usually at stake over a jar of eye cream, and offering “opportunity” these days is often labeled as opportunistic, I view my Rodan + Fields consultantship as my current assignment from God, no different from when any other disciple of Christ receives The Great Commission. There’s no mistaking the simple message He spoke to my heart when I asked Him His desires for me regarding the opportunity I had just received from a complete stranger over a decade ago.

It’s a unique burden in our current culture to have to explain why you joined a direct sales company when some of the mind leaps most people make are:

  • “You don’t need the money.”
  • “It’s gotta be a ‘get rich quick scheme.’”
  • “I don’t want to be chased to buy skincare.”

When I help people break free from these mental chains, the blessing comes in the most indescribable feeling of satisfaction. Peace from a job “well done,” even if it’s as simple as turning someone on to skin-changing product that can ultimately boost confidence and enjoyment of life.

My team coaches authenticity. Not the trendy (unbiblical) “you do you” or the oversimplified “reach your potential” kind of authenticity. I’m talking encouraging each unique personality to become fuller, richer and bolder through a whole lot of encouragement, support, challenges and even some friendly competition along the way. We’ve built it into our culture so no one feels the burden of keeping everyone motivated. Instead, our aims are personal accountability and collective inspiration.

My parents always challenged growth with a hefty dose of play, so of course my secret recipe includes fun. With those distinctions, we are reaching everyone from the most outgoing to the lost and forgotten among a world of vastly under-appreciated introverts, to the seeming unapproachable influencers others discount as not being interested in our channel. It’s these people who effect the most change among others right from the start, and I won’t stop until they’re on my team.

Rodan + Fields is simply the “what.” It’s the message we’re charged to deliver when we choose to receive a paycheck from this company. But, God’s message is to love Him above ALL, including money and fame. And, to love others more than ourselves.

Funny thing, love. It can’t be done in isolation. You have to jump right in the middle of Life, into this great big sea of humanity, and get messy. Rodan + Fields is how God called me off the sidelines and into the game. It’s the friction that allows me to rub up against others to effect change. I’m not one iota as capable as Jesus is at meeting people right where they are, but that is my goal. I stop and help you examine where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be. It’s a lesson in vision. Then, we begin breaking down barriers and building bridges to get you there. Rodan + Fields just happens to be a really great tool that gets the job done more quickly than other means. That’s a lesson in leverage, and teamwork is a powerful multiplier.

I give you a jump-start with the basics, and stick with you till you’re ready to spread your wings and fly. For some, that takes a long time, and that’s just part of it. Once airborne, some of us still choose to fly together because the view from above is that much more enjoyable when shared with those you’ve come to love. Others leave the nest deftly, and if we’re lucky, occasionally call over their shoulder a simple “thank you,” much the same way a teenager could never adequately convey their gratitude to their parent for the launch they provide. And, that’s OK, too.

We, my RF friends and I, provide a culture of value, where your worth is of paramount importance. You have a standing invitation to join us when the time is right, and you are courageous enough to make the leap into the most wonderfully messy group of people who have assembled as your personal safety net. We challenge you, and love you, and call you to account when you need it.

Rodan + Fields is my “what.” It’s my little g, little c, great commission. If YOU are my “why,” if you choose to get paid by a company that is breaking all kinds of market barriers and work with me to free yourself from the chains that are holding you back from becoming a fuller version of you ... OR, if you purchase product that in turn allows me to give myself to my beloved team, then I don’t want you to miss the opportunity out of fear, isolation, or exclusion.  YOU help me fulfill my Big G, Big C, Great Commission.