The Millennial Side Hustle

Jar of coins labeled house fund.

Kevin and I bought our first house before we turned 25, but evidently that’s rarer these days as fewer millennials than their parents own homes at the same age their parents purchased. A primary cause of not making the down payment seems to be reducing debt, whether from student loans or from overspending on credit.   

The oldest millennials are turning 40 this year. 😲 And, while that’s spring chickens to me, according to Bloomberg, “in almost every way measurable, millennials in the U.S. at 40 are doing worse financially than the generations that came before them.” That has “led many millennials to seek out multiple streams of income to protect themselves and make sure they’re never too dependent on the money from one source ever again,” says LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz. Did you know 50% of millennials now have a side hustle? 

I didn’t have kids quite early enough to be a parent to younger millennials, but I sure have enjoyed connecting with the ones who’ve come into my life via my direct sales community. “The girls,” as I sometimes affectionately call them, have a special kind of drive. It’s fun to help them connect the dots between where they are and where they know they want to be, and I feel more like a big sister, or cool aunt, than business coach when we work together.  

Here’s the thing: Direct sales with a reputable company is a powerful business model. It works for people of all ages and backgrounds, and I love the diversity it’s brought to my life. Personality, identity, authenticity – these are all my jam. When it comes to helping people figure out what tools they already have can transfer to a new way of earning, you can count on me to treat everyone like the unique individuals they are.   

We systematize compensation plans, business-building activities, websites and all the mechanics, but not people. I have never pigeon-holed a teammate or made anyone fit a cookie-cutter mold. My focus is ALWAYS helping you decipher what makes you valuable to your network, and between you and me, it’s kind of my superpower to hear what others don’t.   

Have questions about how a side hustle could fit into your financial portfolio? Let’s chat! I’ve always got a perfectly YOU-sized hole on my team, and you’re always welcome to slide into my DMs, or whatever other things the cool kids say.  😉