Focus on the Best


Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out. 1 Thessalonians 5:15

It’s easy for me to see the best in people or give the benefit of the doubt. In fact, my poor husband suffers because I can even see the best in someone with whom he has issue, i.e., I see “their” side, not necessarily over his, but at least in addition to his.

Anyway, these days, it’s been hard to connect. And, not solely because of the changes in physical meetups. Factor in extra layers like Zoom lenses, face coverings, distance protocol, or heightened cultural and political differences, and common ground just seems less common. We’re not often meeting in the middle and stretching each other’s perspectives like we used to. Many ideas and opinions feel like a much bigger tug of war, pulling on polar opposites for the sake of winning, toppling the opponent. I don’t like it, and neither do many people I talk to. Are you thinking similarly?

If so, what do we do? We all know it’s not “right.” So, it’s up to us to make some changes ... all of us. You know me. I always reach for scripture — not to prove a point, but to start from Truth and build from unshakable, solid ground. Kind of like when a doctor starts medicating side effects of other medicines, and the cascade leads to unintended consequences that may just need to be stripped back to start clean. This verse, in Eugene Peterson’s Message translation, is clear as day and not the least bit controversial, so I hope you’ll join me in seeking wisdom, being inspired to act and trusting the outcome.

Let me know how this plays out for you over the next couple of weeks! See how being an encourager changes your own perspective, not just that of those you encourage.

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